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Waydoo Flyer E-Foil Boards

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Beginner Friendly

The Waydoo Flyer line of e-foils are perfect for beginners and experienced e-foilers. With two board options with a 1100L volume the Waydoo Flyer and Waydoo Flyer One boards are extremely easy to water start. The Flyer One also offers a softer more forgiving EPP foam construction that is a great option for your first e-foiling experience.

Prepreg Carbon Construction

The Waydoo Flyer boards are available with the Explorer or Patroller wing options. Both wings are finely tuned to suit beginner and experienced e-foilers. The Explorer is a larger, more stable wing with more area, allowing easier takeoff at lower speeds, along with great stability. The Patroller wind is smaller making ideal for experienced riders looking for a faster ride.

Performance and Value

Waydoo Flyer boards have great performance, simple assembly, and a great price, making them the obvious choice for anyone that wants to experience an exhilarating new way to ride on the water. Reaching speeds of up to 22 mph with cruising times up to 85 minutes, the Waydoo Flyer boards are simply incredible. 

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The PowerFlight Cell Lithium-ion battery is a proprietary product designed and built by Waydoo. It is designed to handle rugged marine environments. Both rechargeable and replaceable, it comes with two-step installation procedure that allows easy plug-and-play. This intelligent battery features an IP68 waterproof rating, making it tough and resilient during operation. Equipped with a smart Battery Management System (BMS), it offers comprehensive protection against overheating, overcurrent, excess voltage and short-circuit.


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